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    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..


S NoNameType
1Madhya Pradesh Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act,2007 VAT
2Value Added Tax ACT, 2002 As on 10th Aug 2009 (in pdf) VAT
3Madhya Pradesh Value Added Tax ACT, 2002 as on date 10-August-2010(in pdf)VAT
4Madhya Pradesh Vat (Amendment) Act, 2011-No. 10 of 2011(in pdf)VAT
5MP Vat (Amendment) Ordinance, 2011(in pdf)VAT
6Vat Rules Amendment- Audit Report dated 04.10.2011(in pdf)VAT
7Vat Rules Amendment dated 04.10.2011(in pdf)VAT
8M P Vat Amendment( Validation) Act, 2011dated 24.12.2011(in pdf)VAT
9M P Vat (Third amendment) act, 2011dated 24.12.2011(in pdf)VAT
10Vat Amendment Act No. 12 of 2012 dated 31.03.2012(in pdf)VAT
11Vat Rules Amendments dated 03.04.2012(in doc)VAT
12Vat Rules Amendment-Audit Report dated 08.05.2012(in pdf)VAT
13Amendments in MP VAT Rules, 2006 dated 31-10-2012 (in pdf)VAT
14MP Vat (Second Amendment) Act, 2012 (in pdf)VAT
15The Madhya Pradesh Central sales Tax Act, 1956CST
16The Madhya Pradesh Entry Tax ActEntry Tax
17ET Amendment Act 2011 ET Amendment
18The Madhya Pradesh Hotel Tax ActHotel Tax
19The Madhya Pradesh Profession Tax ActProfession Tax
20PT amendment act no.9 of 2010PT amendment
21Madhya Pradesh Commercial Tax Act, 1994Commercial Tax
22LT ActLT
S NoNameType
1VAT Rules as on 13.08.2010VAT
2Madhya Pradesh Commercial Tax Rules, 1995 Commercial Tax
3LT RulesLT
S NoDateHeadingType
118 May 16Notification FA-3-76-2014-1-5 13 bhopal dated 27 Jan 2016VAT
218 May 16Notification F-A-3-3-2016-1-5 14 bhopal dated 16 Feb 2016LT
331 Mar 16Notification no 17 to 22 bhopal dated 31 March 2016VAT
418 Mar 16Notification NO 4739-81-21-2016 bhopal dated 18 March 2016 VAT BillVAT
518 Mar 16Notification NO 4741-80-21-2016 bhopal dated 18 March 2016 PT BillPPT
617 Mar 16 Notification NO 10024-vidhaan-2016 bhopal dated 17 March 2016 PT BillPPT
717 Mar 16Notification NO 10021-vidhaan-2016 bhopal dated 17 March 2016 VATBillVAT
809 Mar 16Notification F-A-3-11-2016-1-5 15 and F-A-3-11-2016-1-5 16 bhopal dated 09 March 2016LT
927 Jan 16Notification FA-3-13-2015-1-5 12 bhopal dated 27 Jan 2016vat
1023 Jan 16Notification bhopal dated 23-01-2016vat
1122 Jan 16Notification No F-A-3-02-2016-1-5-10 bhopal dated 22-01-2016VAT
1222 Jan 16Notification No F-A-3-60-2015-1-5-11 bhopal dated 22-01-2016VAT
1314 Jan 16Notification No 817-14-21-a.pra Bhopal Dated 14 Jan 2016 Madhya Pradesh PT amendment ACT, 2016PPT
1414 Jan 16Notification No 816-13-21-a.pra Bhopal Dated 14 Jan 2016 Madhya Pradesh VAT amendment ACT, 2016VAT
1502 Jan 16Notification No F A 3-60-2015-1-5-2 bhopal dated 02-january-2016VAT
S NoDateNumberHeading
106 Dec 13circular by govt.Circular34
224 Jun 13circular by govt.Circular38
322 Jun 13circular by govt.Circular37
429 May 13circular by govt.Circular33
529 May 13circular by govt.Circular36
614 May 12circular by govt.VAT(Sansodhan) Act, 2012
706 Jan 12circular by govt.Bhamasha Award
820 Apr 10circular by govt.The work related with form section and circulars issued from this section
925 Oct 08circular by govt.4428-4701-2008-1-5 circular for RTI
1002 Dec 07circular by govt.17-vasuli-07-59 achal sampati
1101 Sep 07circular by govt.43-2006-07-30-15-31 panjiyan
1207 Jul 07circular by govt.66-24-B-1-102 Vat Adhiniyam 2002
1302 Jul 07circular by govt.17-vasuli-07-52 chal achal samapati
1403 Jun 07circular by govt.17-vasuli-07-246 Vasuli Prakaran
1503 Feb 07circular by govt.23-2006-07-30-15-144 Rebat
1631 Jan 07circular by govt.1-88-15-b-5-128 roaster
1720 Jan 07circular by govt.6-07-24-B-1-48 Mobile Handset
1803 Jan 07circular by govt.2006-07 -statistics-121 Verification
1923 Dec 06circular by govt.7-lekha-06-165 Expenditure
2022 Dec 06circular by govt.23-2006-07-30-15-487 Rebat
2110 Dec 06circular by govt.17-vasuli-06-693 vigat varsh ki bakaya rashi
2224 Nov 06circular by govt.17-vasuli-72-03-738 auction
2327 Sep 06circular by govt.17-vasuli-06-658 vasuli
2417 Aug 06circular by govt.7-04-audit-5-1637 Audit
2517 Aug 06circular by govt.8-audit-5-109 Audit
2603 Jul 06circular by govt.26-5-19-40 taxpayers
2721 Jun 06circular by govt.vat-15-06-7-tech-189 panjiyan
2821 Jun 06circular by govt.30-2007-24-B-1-101 Bhul Sudhar Aadesh ke Antaragat
2914 Jun 06circular by govt.93-04-24-B-1-176 Forms
3031 Mar 06circular by govt.48-02-22-306 out to out -janch chouki
3128 Mar 06circular by govt.48-02-22-294 form 88 Janch chowki
3208 Feb 06circular by govt.vat-15-06-1-tech-294 Vivran Patra
S NoNumberHeading
1 Template for VAT audit report
2 Template for VAT Form 6 Registration
3 Template for CST Form A Registration
4 Template for PT Employer Form I Registration
5 Template for PT Person Form III Registration
6 Template for Hotel Tax Form 30 Registration
7 Template for BT Form 7A Registration
8 Template for Transporter registration
9 Template for VAT Return Form 10
10 Template for VAT Return Form 10 with digital signature
11 Template for CST Return Form V
12 Template for CST Return Form V with digital signature
13 Template for Composition Dealers-Form 5 Return
14 Template for Works Contractors-Form 4B
15 Template for Hotel Tax Form 22 Return
16 Template for ET Composition-Form VI Return
17 Template for ET Form VII Return
18 Template for ET Form VII Return with digital signature
19 Template for PT Person-Form 09 Return
20 Template for PT Employer Form 7 Return
21 Template for ET Form VIIC Return
22 Template for BT Form 10B Return
23 Template for Transporter return


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