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    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

    We aim to be highly professional, most reliable and immensely respected in the field.. ..

Bihar VAT

S NoNameType
3Entry TaxAct
4Entertainment TaxAct
5Advertisement TaxAct
6Luxury TaxAct
7Electricity DutyAct
8Professional TAx ActAct
S NoNameType
3Entry TaxRule
4Entertainment TaxRule
5Advertisement TaxRule
6Luxury TaxRule
7Electricity DutyRule
8Professional TAx Rule
S NoDateNumberHeading
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106 May 16SO-99 &100C Form Cancellation and Invalid Declaration of the mentioned Registered Dealer
226 Apr 16No-123/CPunishment communicated to Shri Ram Pravesh Sahni,CTO
318 Apr 16No1469Posting of Shri Upendra Prasad as ACCT, Incharge, Bhagalpur Circle
418 Apr 16SO-84&85Amendment in Rule 3 & 4 of the Bihar Professional Tax Rules,2011
518 Apr 16No-63 &64Amendment in Rule 5 of the Bihar Entertainment Tax Rules, 1984
613 Apr 16NO- LG-01-03/2016/67-LEGThe Bihar Settlement of Taxation Disputes Act,2016
707 Apr 16No-105/CNotification regarding Punishment Communicated to Shri Virendra Kumar
806 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Saran Division)
906 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Patna West Divison)
1006 Apr 16NO-1303Notification regarding Selection Criteria for VAT Audit of FY 2014-15
1106 Apr 16NO-1329Deputation of Shri Siyaram Kumar, DCCT, Bhagalpur Circle, Bhagalpur on the post of Vice President, GSTN, New Delhi
1206 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Patna East Division)
1306 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Purnia Division)
1406 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Bhagalpur Division)
1506 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Darbhanga Division)
1606 Apr 16LG-01-01/2016/ 57LEG & 58LEGBihar Value Added Tax Act,2016
1706 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Tirhut Division)
1806 Apr 16 VAT Audit 2014-15(Patna Central Division)
1930 Mar 16NO-1232 to 1233Transfer & Posting Dated 30.03.2016
2029 Mar 16NO-1174Corrigendum regarding Shri Subhas Chandra Jha
2117 Mar 16NO-1087Corrigendum regarding Departmental Notification No. 7021 Dated 17.12.2015
2217 Mar 16NO-1046Corrigendum regarding Departmental Notification No. 1028 Dated 11.03.2016
2317 Mar 16No-1104Relaxation in Period for Promotion from DCCT to JCCT
2417 Mar 16No-1028Notification regarding Promotion of Smt Kanchan Bala
2517 Mar 16No-1029Notification regarding Acceptance of MACP
2615 Mar 16 Testing
2726 Feb 16No-52/CNotification regarding Resuspension of Smt. Afshan Azim,CTO
2818 Feb 16SO-35&36Exemption of Entertainmen Tax on Hindi Film AIRLIFT
2918 Feb 16SO-37&38Composition Scheme of Brick Kiln
3018 Feb 16SO-32Notification regarding functional of Amendments made by SI No-7 of Departmental Notification No-189 Dated 03 August 2015
3103 Feb 16SO-24 &25Notification regarding Amendment in Rule 5 of the Bihar Entertainment Tax Rules,1984
3203 Feb 16SO-22 &23Notification regarding Change in rate of Surcharge
3302 Feb 16SO-28& 29Schedule of rates under The Bihar Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments
3402 Feb 16SO-30&31Form PT-IX of the said rules
3502 Feb 16SO-26&27Amendment in Rule 3 of the Bihar Taxation on Luxuries in Hotels
3629 Jan 16LG-01-01/2016/ 03 & 04Notification regarding VAT Ordinance2016
3728 Jan 16NO-352&353Transfer & Posting Dated 27th January 2016
3821 Jan 16SO-16&17Notification regarding Amendments in Schedule Appended to the Entry Tax Act
3921 Jan 16SO-20&21Notification regarding Amendment in Entry Tax Rule 3(1)
4021 Jan 16SO-18&19Notification regarding Amendments in Entry Tax Notification No. SO-95 Dated 31.07.2008
4120 Jan 16SO-12&13Notification regarding Amendments in Bihar Value Added Tax Rules,2005 Dated 13th January 2016
4215 Jan 16So-8&9Notification regarding VAT Imposed on Certain Goods.
4315 Jan 16SO-10 &11Notification regarding Amendment in VAT Rate.
4415 Jan 16Letter No -3Notification regarding Suspension of Viswakant Tiwary, DC
4514 Jan 16No-155 to 160Transfer and Posting dated 11 Jan 2016
4614 Jan 16SO-6 &7Notification regarding exemption of Entertainment Tax on Hindi Film Chalk N Duster
4704 Jan 16NO-09Corrigendum regarding Shri Rajiv Ranjan, ACCT, Integrated Checkpost, Dalkola, Purnia
4804 Jan 16NO-08Appointment of Shri Braj Kishore Pacheriwal,JCCT,HQ as Applet Officer for RTI
4918 Dec 15NO-7022Notification regarding Time Limit for Out to Out Vehicles
5017 Dec 15NO-6945 to 7021Transfer & Posting Dated 17 December 2015
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116 May 16Letter No -1822Deputation Order of Shri Tapan Kumar Chakarvorty, Additional CCT Cum Member Commercial Taxes Tribunal
210 May 16Letter No-1765Order regarding Depuatation of Shri Diwakar Prasad, ACCT
308 Apr 16Letter No -1381Extension of Deputation Period of Kumari Anamika
408 Apr 16letter No-1384Work Allotment Order Dated 08.04.2016
502 Mar 16Letter No -925Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at CTD HQ Dated 01.03.2016
626 Feb 16Letter No-64/COrder regarding regularisation of Suspension Period of Late Kapil Dev Singh
725 Feb 16Letter No-850Order regarding Deputation of Shri Hirendra Kumar,CTO,IB,Purnia Division
823 Feb 16Letter No-787Final Gradation List of 4th Grade Employee of CTD
922 Feb 16Letter No-767Disposal of Registration Application Under VAT Act,2005
1015 Feb 16Letter No-654Order regarding Assigning the Senior Charge of AG Audit to Shri Sanjay Kumar Mawandiya, JCCT,HQ
1109 Feb 16Letter No-568Order regrding Deputation of Officers
1204 Feb 16Letter No-515Office Order regarding Alternate Charge of Officer Posted at CTD HQ
1304 Feb 16Letter No-516Office Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers of CTD HQ
1402 Feb 16Letter no-426Office Order regarding Work Allotment Dated 2.02.2016
1501 Feb 16 Transfer of Suo moto Proceedings from the Court of CCT to other Officers
1614 Jan 16Letter No-212Order regarding Date Extension for filing of Annual Return of FY 2014-15
1708 Jan 16Letter no-119Order regarding Deputation of Smt. Gunjan Bharti,CTO,HQ
1828 Dec 15Letter No-7112Order regarding Deputation of CTO
1928 Dec 15Letter No-7061Office Order regarding Alternate Charge of Additional CCT /JCCT for Leave/Tour Period
2028 Dec 15Letter No-7060Office Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at CTD HQ Dated 22 December 2015
2128 Dec 15Letter No-7051Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at CTD HQ Dated 21 December 2015
2228 Dec 15Letter No-7031Salary Increment of BFS Officers from Pay Band-2 to Pay Band-3
2308 Dec 15Letter No-6834Office Order dated 8 December 2015
2404 Dec 15Letter No-6775Office Order dated 4 December 2015
2529 Oct 15Letter No-6252Order dated 29 Ocotober 2015
2629 Oct 15Letter No-6253Order dated 29 October 2015
2723 Sep 15Letter No-5707Order dated 23 September 2015
2807 Sep 15Letter No-4851Order regarding Ajay Kumar, ACCT and Harendra Manjhi,CTO
2931 Aug 15Letter No-4833Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers of CTD Headquater Dated 31August2015
3028 Jul 15Letter No-3999Order regarding Deputation of Smt. Anju Kumar, CTO, Begusarai Circle
3120 Jul 15Letter No-3818Office Order regarding Deputation of BFS Officers
3217 Jul 15Letter no-3815Office Order regarding Work Allotment of Officers Posted at Headquater
3315 Jul 15Letter No-3860Circular Dated 15th July2015 regarding Disposal of VAT Registration
3415 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Patna East Division)
3515 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Tirhut Division)
3615 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Purnea Division)
3715 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Patna West Division)
3815 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Bhagalpur Division)
3915 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Patna Central Division)
4015 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Darbhanga Division)
4115 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Magadh Division)
4215 Apr 15 VAT Audit 2013-14 (Saran Division)
4306 Feb 15Letter No-506Office Order regarding Deputation of Shri Naveen Kumar Assistant Commissioner Commercial Taxes
4401 Jan 15Letter No-6044Office Order regarding the last date of filing of Annual Return has been extended till 31st January 2015
4528 Nov 14Letter No-5424Regarding Approval of Full Pension & Gratuity of Late Chandeshwar Choudhary, compulsory retired, DCCT, Vigilance & Monitoring, Magadh Division,Gaya
4628 Nov 14Letter No-5424Regarding Approval of Full Pension & Gratuity of Late Chandeshwar Choudhary, compulsory retired, DCCT, Vigilance & Monitoring, Magadh Division,Gaya
4729 Sep 14Letter No-4505Letter regarding modification of ACP of Clerk
4827 Sep 14Letter No-4470Order regarding ACP of Stenographer
4927 Sep 14Letter No-4471Order regarding ACP of Stastical Clerk
5027 Sep 14Letter No-4469Order regarding ACP of Clerk
S NoNumberHeading
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 97 items in 2 pages
1A-IApplication for registration under section 19(3).
2A-IIApplication for cancellation of certificate of registration under section 20.
3A-IIIApplication for grant of certificate for non-deduction of tax form bills of a supplier registered.
4A-IVApplication for grant of tax clearance certificate under Section 42.
5A-VApplication for refund of amount forfeited under Section 44.
6A-VIMemorandum of appeal under Section 72.
7A-VIIApplication for revision under Section 73.
8A-VIIIApplication for refund under Section 68.
9A-IXApplication for provisional refund under Section 69.
10A-XApplication for enrolment as Sales Tax Practitioner.
11A-XIApplication under Section 15 - Permission to pay tax at a fixed rate.
12A-XIIApplication for deferment under Section 96.
13A-XIIIApplication for refund of advance deduction of tax under rule 29(2).
14B-ISecurity Bond.
15B-IIForm of Indemnity Bond.
16C-ICertificate of Registration.
17C-IICertificate of Tax Deducted At Source.
18C-IIICertificate for Non-Deduction of Tax.
19C-IVTax Clearance Certificate.
20C-VOrder of Refund of Tax by Adjustment.
21C-VIRefund Payment Order.
22C-VIIAuthorization for Appearance before Taxing Authorities.
23C-VIIICertificate for Deferment of Tax.
24CH-IRegister of Dealers permitted to pay tax under Section 15.
25D-IDeclaration stating name of the manager of business under Section 22.
26D-IIForm for Declaration of Opening Stock under Section 95.
27D-IIIForm of Declaration under Section 13.
28D-IVForm of Declaration to be issued by Transferor.
29D-VForm of Declaration by to be issued by Transferee.
30D-VIForm of Challan.
31D-VIIForm of Declaration under Section 62.
32D-VIIIForm of Declaration for Intra-State Movement of Goods.
33D-IXForm of Declaration for bringing goods from outside the State.
34D-XForm of Declaration for Transporting Goods from within the State to any place outside the State
35D-XIForm of Declaration to be filed by a Registered Dealer along with Form RT-I.
36N-INotice under Sub-Section(1) of Section 24.
37N-IINotice under Sub-Section(8) of Section 24.
38N-IIINotice under Sub-Section(2) of Section 25.
39N-IVNotice under Section 26.
40N-VNotice of Hearing under Section 31.
41N-VINotice of Hearing under Section 32.
42N-VIICNotice of Hearing under Section 33.
43N-VIIINotice of Demand under Section 25 and Section 39.
44N-IXNotice of Hearing under Section 43
45N-XNotice of Forfeiture under Section 44.
46N-XINotice of Demand under Section 47.
47N-XIINotice under Section 57(2).
48N-XIIINotice in the Course of Survey under Section 58(2).
49N-XIVNotice in the Course of Survey under Section 58(3).
50N-XVNotice of Revision under Section 74.


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